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Why Puffy Will Be Rap’s Next Billionaire


Despite logging over 20 years in the game, Sean Combs was dead on when he said he wouldn’t stop. The shiny suits are gone, but the man who helped popularize them is still reportedly $700 million deep in the game. The only remaining question is if Jay Z or Combs will join Dr. Dre in Hip-Hop’s billionaire boys club. Not that it’s a contest, but here are 10 reasons why Puffy will be Rap’s next billionaire.
1. Bad Boys truly do move in silence. Puff pocketed $30 million in 2005 when he sold half of Bad Boy to Warner Music Group.
2. Plugged in industry insiders Wendy Day and Dan Charnas have gone on record stating Puff Daddy bought a significant amount of Notorious B.I.G.’s publishing at a flat rate. Just think about how many Biggie albums have been sold over the years.
3. According to a May, 2014 report by Women’s Wear Daily, Sean John has an estimated volume of $450 million. The brand has been exclusive to Macy’s in the US, and Combs signed a series of international licensing agreements that could prove lucrative.
4. Sean Combs isn’t the world’s greatest thespian, and money can only buy so many acting lessons. But Puff knows how to attach himself to popular projects like Get Him To The Greek, Monster’s Ball, and A Raisin In The Sun.
5. In 1993, Diddy became the second-youngest record company president in America at age 22. Think about what you were doing at that age. This man’s money has been collecting interest longer than some of his detractors have been alive.
6. You can argue that there’s no money in entertainment like advertising money, and Puff has that covered with his Blue Flame agency. So when Blue Flame wins the Innovation award at the Diageo Marketing Brilliance Awards, you can connect the dots. Diageo owns Ciroc, and…
7. Combs deal with Ciroc isn’t just some sponsorship. Under their agreement, Diageo cuts Combs both a share of Ciroc’s profits and a share of the proceeds from any potential sale. According to Forbes, Ciroc moved nearly 2 million cases in 2014 alone.
8. Puff’s original contract with Arista included a provision for him to repurchase all of Bad Boy’s master recordings. Please believe, Puff bought those masters back in 2002. So just imagine the sound of a register ringing if you’ve heard an old Bad Boy song any time in the last 13 or so years.
9. Puff launched Revolt in October of 2013. Depending on whom you ask, it’s either a smart investment or a lagging property. But given Puff’s track record
10. They’re not Biggie and Ma$e, but Combs’ current roster includes Janelle Monae, French Montana, and MGK

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