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“Why Are Relationships So Disposable in 2018?”

Hey guys!! It’s your girl Ashleigh and I am back with another #UnboundedMonday Recap!
I apologize I am late, I was sick, but I am back and ready to get yall up to date!
We had our boy King Tink in the building!

***DISCLAIMER: Guys, we were so turnt. We apologize for the sound quality.***

King Tink is a comedian originally from Kentucky and resides here in the great ol’ DMV! He was down with the topic, he and Mahad had some fun Monday night! He’s got a little baby on the way and making moves in his comedy career.
Check out his YouTube, follow him on Instagram & Facebook! He’s dope!


Trump Porn Scandal
Shad Moss Mental Breakdown or Nah?
Jess Hilarious Getting Shaded, Again. *Eye Roll*
Father, Bird Man & Son, Lil Wayne, Made up!
ADHD kicked in and a lot was said, lol!


Tonight we got into talking about why relationships are so disposable? It was said that the difference between sexual cheating for men and women is that for men, it’s a sport, a meaningless encounter. However, for women, it’s emotional, so guys are less inclined to forgive because they know it was more than just a nut, which I can kinda agree.

Some kind of way they got into talking about vagina types and roast beef pussy? *side eyes* It was a crazy show with amazing energy! Go ahead and press play, you know you want too!

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