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VVC News: Access Granted Is Officially Here!!


Indie Artist Meetings

We here at VVCRadio.com are excited to roll out this new phase in our development. Our goal as a station is to connect our listeners to great music, information, & entertainment. We also desire to establish relationships with artists to assist in the development of great new brands. “Access Granted” is a bold new step for us we hope can become a key component to exposing great new artists & educating artists on who we are, what we do, how we do it, & how we can build together.

“Access Granted” are private meetings with independant artist or Record labels & the VVCRadio Management staff on the first Saturday of every month. We will be listening to music, talking about station business (activities, events & opportunities), and opening dialoging on how we can help each other to grow as a music community!!

Important To Know
We only do Access Granted on the 1st Saturday of Every Month
Our Meetings will only be held between 11am-5pm
The maximum amount of time allotted for each meeting is 30 minutes
We can only listen to a maximum of 4 songs per meeting
An artist/ Label can only have 1 meeting slot.
The Only Way you can sign up is by emailing accessgranted@vvcradio.com
Once you get your appointment You must be at the VVCRadio office at least 10 minutes before your appointment & be signed in. If your not in the office & signed in 10 minutes before your appointment you will lose your slot.
You must have your music on a Functional thumb Drive, website or CD.
Please bring promotional items to leave with our DJ’s & Personalities

We Hope to see you soon!! Please email us if you desire to be apart of this event. Our email is accessgranted@vvcradio.com or Sign Up on VVCRadio.com & Inbox JS1THASUPPLIER

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