Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks & Young Buck Break Down “The Beast Is G-Unit” Tracks


Tony Yayo says G-Unit projects have consisted of production from “guys in the basement” to top producers.

Days after the rap collective known as G-Unit released their latest project, The Beast Is G-Unit, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, and Young Buck stopped by The Boombox offices to offer a breakdown of the six tracks featured on the group’s latest EP.

While speaking on The Beast Is G-Unit record “Bring My Bottles,” which is produced by West Coast beatsmith Swiff D, Tony Yayo spoke on G-Unit working with a variety of producers, from “guys in the basement” to big name producers like Swizz Beatz.

“If you look at G-Unit’s history from the beginning, like my first album, Thoughts of a Predicate Felon, I had Domingo,” Tony Yayo said. “Domingo worked with KRS-One, way back. A lot of people don’t know that. And then another record I did was with Punch, he did ‘So Seductive.’ So it’s like with G-Unit, I don’t think we ever look for a big name producer. Of course, we respect the Swizz Beatz and all the big Timbalands, the Dres and Ems, but I don’t think we always look for a name. If you go through any G-Unit albums, them lists, like we all have production from guys in the basement or [a big name], it’s scattered, it could be anybody. You could have a beat in your pocket and if it sounds dope, we’re gonna run with it.”

Lloyd Banks also offered his insight into The Beast Is G-Unit, breaking down the Ky Miller-produced track, “Doper Than My Last One.” According to the Queens, New York rapper, the record was one he had prior to it being featured on the group’s EP.

He also revealed that “Doper Than My Last One” is reminiscent of the sound that can be heard on his next solo project.

“The dope thing about ‘Doper Than My Last One,’ it’s kind of a segue into my next project, ’cause you hear the elements — you hear the boom-bap and the DJ scratching and things like that that just remind you of early-mid ’90s hip-hop,” Lloyd Banks said. “And being that we had a few club records — the ‘Ballin” record is kinda bouncy [and] ‘Bring My Bottles’ record is in the club. I just wanted to give ’em something that was more, you know, just more about the bars.

“My next project is kinda geared that way,” he added. “It’s not a lot of club s— on that one so that was like the perfect record. I’m just excited to see how the DJs embrace it because it’s adding what they bring to hip-hop in there. It’s only a few records, you know, Jay Z used to use scratches a lot because he had Premier and stuff like that.”

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