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The Unbounded Show: “Side Chicks / Dudes, Where Are They Now?!

What’s good Unbounded Family?

It’s ya girl Ashleigh, bringing you another #UnboundedMonday recap!

Monday was our Side Chick / Side Dude: Where Are They Now?!. Our girl Jazmin visited and updated us on her situation and our boy Miles called in to update us on his!

Jaz basically told us her affair was over. Dude’s wife found out and after she played her hurt role, wifey wanted a piece! Although Jaz was aware of his marriage, she played it safe by not parading the streets with him, she still was caught up and it all started with a kiss. She went through her healing process and has big things poppin’ for 2018 including her first book!

It felt good, in the moment.
-Jazmine, 2018


Miles called in and updated us on his side piece situation and tried to plug shorty’s blog in his shout out, *whispers* and he’s married now! *Side eye* *sips tea*, lol sike sike sike, I’m just jokin’… or am I? He said being a father and husband is more important than running around playing sides or having sides. He’s happy where he is and he’s got his own podcast, so make sure yall check him out.

We talked about Black Panther. #ReynSurpreme and I went this weekend and were super-empowered by watching it and really felt moved. #Deezy, well, she was in the building, but she was asleep and #Mahad… *crickets*

We talked about the Blac Chyna and Donna sex tapes (S/O to the plug for the link).

Fergie’s National Anthem performance and more….

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We out this piece!

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