The Unbounded Show

The Unbounded Show “Match Maker Series” pt.2

Hey #UnboundedFamily! It’s ya girl Ashleigh and I am back with another Unbounded Recap!

We are a little behind, and we sincerely apologize.

With a few technical difficulties, and everyone rotated being under the weather, it’s an honor to say that we will be back in full swing on Monday! We’re all taking a much needed break to get our chakra’s realigned!


This was nothing but ADHD for me. My matchmaker was late, and I thought I was getting stood up. Mahad, Reyn and Cat took to the streets to find me a replacement, but then Mahad stepped up to the plate. LOL

If you missed last Monday’s show, that’s okay. We had another matchmaker episode featuring our boy Hicks and ya girl Ashleigh Noelle, (THAT’S ME!)

It started off a bit flaky because he was beyond color people time late, Jahad had stepped in with the fake interview to past time until Hicks arrived. I was trying to be like my girl April, and get my male harem going, but I don’t have the swag she does, ‘cause they were like NAH!

We both said yes to date number two, I’m waiting for him to set that up. Go ahead and check out this last weeks show, and make sure you catch up on all our other shows!

We’ll be back Monday, with a blast from the past. Unbounded is going 90s!

Make sure you tune in! Until next time…

We love yall hear?!


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