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The Unbounded Show “Is your shallowness blocking your blessings???”

What’s up, #UnboundedFamily!

It’s your girl Ashleigh with another #UnboundedMonday recap! I had the pleasure to fill in for Mahad this week and co-hosted. It was super fun!

I’ll take a moment to really introduce myself. I am the editor of the show! The team stole my heart after listening to one show, and they had my full on support. I run my own blog called The Silenced Woman, and they believed in my passion and dream for writing, so we found a way to link my special skills with their special skills and BOOM, we’re golden baby!!

The Unbounded Show was awarded “Radio Show of The Month” for having the most live listeners during the month of February! We are super thankful because we don’t do it for the numbers or recognition. We legit are just millennials, with voices and trying to make it. As a team, we couldn’t have done it without our listeners, and we thank you guys for everything, really. It means EVERYTHING!

Our topic for Monday was Shallow vs. Preference. What are the pettiest reasons why you wouldn’t date someone? Deezy, ReynSupreme and I gave hella reasons why we wouldn’t date or why we would stop dating someone. It’s safe to say, our reasons were warranted, we aren’t shallow.

The Unbounded Freestyle was hilariously lit as always, and my ADD kicked in during IDGAF Newz.

You guys can always tune in on Monday’s at 8:30 p.m. But, we’re so bomb that we recorded for you to go and listen after we’re gone!

So, g’on ahead and hit that play button, and tune in next Monday!
It’s Unbounded Baby!!

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