The Introduction of Zomb G Wyzae

Sooooooo….. I don’t know how to start this post. I take what I do very serious. Thus when I saw Zomb G Wyzae on Real Music DVD’s Youtube Page I was intrigued. But when I heard the music I was kind of turned off. BUT!!!!!!! I couldn’t forget this dude!! #PAUSE Nor his music!!! I found myself telling people about him and making people watch his video!! After 3 weeks of fighting it I finally did my “Googles” and found his soundcloud and website so I can get a better understanding of what I like/ dislike.

Ok here we go (It just works better for me in list form):

1) Originality
2) Showmanship
3) Attention to detail
4) No scared to jump out the window!!! (He’s a risk Taker)

1) Needs to work on lyricism (If we could get him a writing team I think he would take off)
2) Production is lack luster
3) Not enough direction (aka no direction at all)
4) No Strong Follow up
5) Didn’t release any music on GooglePlay for me to buy
6) No Zomb G Wyzae Merchandise

All in all I’m slowly becoming a fan. I think if he continues to release music and do videos he’s going to be a huge underground star!! I want him at my Halloween Party asap!! Well Lets get him on Aries Lounge Radio first. lmao Check Out his videos and music below

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