Doubted Reasoning

Ten thoughts that will kill your Art & Business

As an American the idea of entrepreneurship is apart of our DNA. Also embracing art and creativity gives us purpose. Many of you desire to pursue your dreams but are deterred by yourselves. Your mind keeps you from either beginning that journey or staying on that journey. So I’m laying down 10 thoughts you need to stray away from if you want to become a business person or artist. I want your responses and your ideas in the comment section!! I hope this helps you. It has help me over the last 20 years!!

  1. This is Hard!! Can I do this?  [First off life is about the journey, so does it matter if you accomplish the goal or the journey to achieve it? Do you learn more from trying or not trying at all? I always say “it’s better to have a story of failure and triumph than no stories at all”]
  2. I can’t? [Never worry about whether you can or can’t, always focus on how to do it!! Theirs always more than one way to skin a cat. Success is about thinking Dynamically not single minded. ]
  3. I don’t have have the time. [We make time for what we want and love to do. You control your life. Not having time is an indicator that you don’t really want it. Never let your job or anything keep you from what you want and need to evolve as a person.]
  4. This is crazy, nobody does this. [It’s very true that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. I think it’s always important to embrace our differences. Growing as a person will separate you from what your use to because your interests and skills will attract new energy and people to you. Sometimes it’s needed so you can evolve. Sometimes it’s a sign you are going in the wrong direction. How do you tell between to the two? Ask yourself these 2 questions. Are you becoming a better person and is your business or art growing? If any of these answers is a no then you know things aren’t going right.
  5. It’s Not My Fault!! [Everything that happens to you is a product of your actions. Someone can inflict harm on you, but you choose to be in that moment & you also choose to not be prepared to deal with the potential harm that person could inflict on you. We must all take responsibility for ourselves, our lives and the people we allow around us. Your world around you is a bi product of your thinking and desires.]
  6. I did everything myself!! [Not true everything that you are is a result of other peoples investment in you. Your life, your knowledge, your perspective and your beliefs are all products of other people. So it’s logical that your evolution requires others to assist in bringing your desires to reality.]
  7. I am alone!! [This planet is home to Billions of people. The only reason your feeling alone is because you choose be alone. You withdraw from people because you fear. What do you fear? I don’t know, only you have the answer to that question.]
  8. I don’t have money. I don’t have what I need. [We commonly use money or resources as a reason for not pursuing our dreams or desires. But these are excuses. I can honestly tell you that what your trying to do has a process to follow. Once you figure out the path & process you will be able to get everything you need to make things a reality. But you can’t skip the journey or process. You have to learn to read before you can write! Am I correct?]
  9. No One Believes In Me. [What your really trying to say is “you don’t believe in your self”. No one can believe in you until you believe in yourself. Also art and business don’t require people to believe in you. Your product or service just needs to invoke an emotional response from your potential customer base or fan base.]
  10. I don’t know what to do. [Of course you don’t. No one is born know what to do. Your making the wrong statement. You should saying, “who knows what to do?” or “where can I go to learn about this?” Life is about learning. Theres no excuse in 2017 to not learn or get involved into anything you want. Google Fool!! lmao]

I hope these items can help you or have help you in some way. I want you to remember that it’s a constant process to keep these thoughts out of your mind. I’m writing this to you, but I’m reminding myself as I create this. Stay on your journey. If you haven’t begun your journey of evolution. You should consider 2 things 1- What do I want? 2- Why do I want it? Once you figure those 2 things out you can begin your journey to getting what you want. Bless!! Please give me your thoughts. I want to learn from you too!!

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