Stop Caring So Much

With everything going nowadays in the media, we tend to find any and everything to complain about. Every time a celebrity or company posts something we don’t like we run and give our unsolicited input like it’s going to change their mindsets or their pockets. Bottom line: no publicity is bad publicity and they know it. By being controversial, they are creating conversation, whether negative or positive, ultimately making them more money.


When companies like Pepsi and Shea Moisture put out tone-deaf commercials, it’s okay to disagree with the message and even if you stop buying these products that’s perfectly fine and a personal choice. But you don’t have to take it personally because I can guarantee you they don’t. When black athletes say they don’t like black women, no matter how hateful and stupid they sound, we still shouldn’t even get offended. Why? Because they obviously have mommy issues or have probably been hurt by some black woman at a point in their life. Besides, why would you even want someone like that?


The more attention we pay to negativity, the more energy it takes from us. I used to always feel the need to give my input on situations that I couldn’t control, arguing with racist trolls and commenting on posts I found offensive. While my intentions were always to inform, I can’t control how people think and I can’t control ignorance. The only thing I can control is how I react to things that I don’t like. If it can significantly affect others, or myself then it deserves my attention. For instance, our federal government spending 100 million dollars to bomb a country and planning to spend billions on a wall while simultaneously cutting funding for programs that are beneficial to everyday Americans is something that makes my blood boil. That is something I do mad at. But on the other hand, I’m not about to keep watching CNN waiting for the next idiotic thing Trump does. It’s a waste of my valuable time and energy.


Women were mad at Tyrese a couple weeks back. (They’re always mad at Tyrese) Apparently, he made a comment about not liking women with fake bodies and weave. Although I may not agree with everything that was said, that’s his opinion and I don’t care. If I’m not checking for him, then why should I? Some women were mad at him weeks before when they noticed that his wife appeared white and he posted about her being his “black queen”. Well, obviously she’s biracial but why did that piss off so many people?


I’m not about to get myself worked up over nothing and neither should you. If you pick your battles, you will be a way happier person. Don’t be so defensive. It’s not that serious and you have to let people be people. You’re not going to like everything everyone says but have the strength to not let it bother you. Unless it’s taking money out of your pocket, it’s not that deep so don’t make it that way. Meanwhile, I’m hoping Shea Moisture’s sales go down so maybe their prices will too. (Hey, it’s hard out here for us natural women)

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