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Relationships: Your Love Life and Family

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Question of the day:

Should your family become involved with your relationships?

How does family involvement impact your relationship?

Recently in the media, the Kardashian family has either traded sides, created tension in their family, and/or openly expressed great concerns about Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s relationship. Black Chyna is currently, engaged, pregnant, and has legally taken on the Kardashian last name since her relationship with Rob blossomed. If you follow social media you will know that he adores Blac Chyna and they both support each other. Have you seen this happen in your family or have this been done to you? Often time family having so much say on who you should date and/or what should/should not take place in your relationship.


Back in the day (and still practiced in certain cultures), relationships as serious as marriage were arranged by the parents. The parents are highly involved with picking the Love of someone’s Life. Some cultural traditions have taken a step back and give people the freedom to chose who they love. However, there are people who prefer their parent’s opinion when they are dating. I personally would love my mom to help find me a husband because she knows my needs better than anybody and she takes great care of me (even though I live on the other side of town). Some men I knew I could not introduce to my mom because they were not worthy and I also knew that kind of man would not last long in my life. Keeping your relationship private has proven to be much more effective in more ways than one.


Please comment below about your thoughts on family and relationships. I would love to here your point of view about “Should your family become involved with your relationship?” Thanks for reading!

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