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Movies That Blog #6: WolfCop

wolf cop





















Just as the Movie depicts, “Here Comes the FUCK!!!!??.” once I seen this in the rack at Walmart beside great movie titles like “Bankstas & Subconscious. I couldn’t let these “cinema Classics” be deflowered by having this Jam Covered Suck puppy of the law go unpunished.

[Sits in a room and drinks cod liver oil for saying “Bankstas” was a Classic]

Budget: Not listed, but its probably in the realm of 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb Bag

Payout: Makes Teen Wolf (MTV) Tolerable


Wrong with this movie

– “Oh, Canada”

-Pentagram Not Wolf bite

-Seem to be a student of the “Tony Stark’s School of Alcoholism”

-Alcoholism is key to keeping control as wolf

-Pentagram Werewolf sacrifice for Reptilian Shape shifters…………The Double fuck?!

– “I am the Lizard Queen” says Jessica, Not in those words exactly but you get the point

-“By the Power of GreySkull (Pulls out bottle of Jameson) I HAVE THE POWER!”



Silver Lining

-Cult Classic

-“The Citizen Kane of Werewolf-Cop movies” USA TODAY


-Decent movie for the random film enthusiast



1- Alcoholism 

10- “The fact that there’s a sequel in the works”


WolfCop= 7/10



Wolf (1994)

-Hobo With a Shotgun

-American Werewolf in London



“Field Sobriety Test, administrated by Hell Cop from the movie “Highway To Hell”


…….going to eat food now, hate me later!



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