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Movies That Blog #3: Leonard Pt. 6



Somewhere in the late 80’s, someone took The George Lucas approach on numerical movies a bit too literal in the worst of the not so apparent 6th movie about Leonard. This Bill Cosby movie goes to show that Just because you have a show to fall back on, doesn’t mean you have the right to make Shitty movies.


Budget: $24 Million+9 Million for advertizing.

Payout: 4.6 Million (The Purge +Insidious) or 170.3 “Clerks” movies


More than “Three Things” wrong with Leonard Pt. 6:


-Daughter and mom have freaky friday switch when it comes to roles in movie

-Fighting off Vegetarians with “Gypsy MAGIC MEAT!!!”

-Leaves so many questions unanswered from Leonard pt. 5 When he teamed up with the Jacksons


-Bill Cosby is not “bill Cosby” enough for this movie

-Rides out on NBC “Ostoridge”

-his Death in 1990 is explained in “Ghost Dad”

-Gives the impression that the first Non-Existent parts to this franchise may have been better than this one.

-He requested that the three Razzies he earned be specifically made out of 24 karat (99.99%) gold and Italian marble.


Silver LiningĀ 

-Establishes Back story for “The Oracle” From the Matrix Franchise

-Makes Me appreciate “I-Spy” a bit more than ever imagined (Not the show, the Murphy/WIlson Movie)


-Made more Than “Chairman of The Board”


From 1-10

1-Ghost dad

10- Leonard pt.1, 2, 3, 4 & 5


Leonard Pt.6= 8/10



-The Rocketeer

-Austin Powers: international Man of Mystery

-Fat Albert (at least they got their Bill Cosby Right in this one)



Judgement– Pudding Laced with PropofolĀ 


Yeah, Not gonna feel bad about this. Until next time America!

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