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In the times when 007┬áDies another day, and The Transporter is on the job elsewhere, Franchise pictures decides to take a stab at the seemingly easy world of Espionage. what they found was that 2002 was more of a year for Stuff we already love, rather than a movie with people we spank it to……(Pause) one of the people we spank it to.


Premise: Mr & Mrs Smith- 3 years+Minorities With the appeal that only Duke Nukem could appreciate.

-Ecks’s bosses son gets kidnapped…………don’t say that too fast folks

-Sever used to work for the D……….IA (Defense Intelligence agency)

-A device that only DC Comic Vilians could come up with was stolen as well

-Ecks Saves his bosses son, who was his son…….Thanks Maury

-Explosions, fight scenes, and a close up of Lucy Lu cashing her check for this movie.

-Sever wins the fight and kills Ross with a “death strike” to the neck…..that was a thing

-Bullet has Nano-mites was needed, despite having the “DEATH” CHOP”


Now on to why this movie is 00-Sorry

-$70, million went into it 19, Million came out

-Too many kidnappings and thefts going on with little or no security protecting these items


-The movie “The Hot Chick” came out the same year and did better

-Bond, Frank, Parker……..>Ecks?


On the scale:

1. “not another Spy Movie”

10. Why Banderas Why

Ecks vs Sever ranks 8, it could’ve been focused around the nano-mites, the actual weapon that could bring these two together, but no, you gotta have the estranged family, forgotten son but remembers banging your bosses wife? good one.


Alternatives to watch


-Mr. Mrs. Smith

-Get Smart


Judgement :

Ecks and sever walking during the bond opening gun barrel…..neither can reach guns fast enough……then The transporter runs them over…….while Spiderman Watches


See y’all soon…..again.


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  1. Really? Get Smart as an alternative? I hated that sucky movie. But it did do better in the theater. Anyway I agree this load of Mexo doodoo could have been done wwaaayyy better with some simple brain work. Great writing. I like it, I think some people might disagree though. I know friends who think this movie is actually good. KO is definitely gonna be pissed about this lmao!

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