Motivational Sh*t Vol. 6

Going after what you want in life is propelling. The lessons, results and experiences you gain are out of this world when you’re going after what you actually want; versus accepting whatever life deals. Considering how failure is the #1 teacher, it does happen from time to time. It’s not always perfect and it’s not always easy – but it’s so worth it! Your pride and ego have a little bit to loose; but YOU, your mental health, your lifestyle and livelihood have everything to gain.

I try to keep regret away from me by going after the shit I want in life. Even as it pertains to people, friends, romance and all of that mushy ish – AIN’T NO EXCLUSIONS BIH! These are areas in life I’ve noticed people are hesitant to go after, including myself. If you can take a chance to throw yourself after a new career, more money, or even a change of scenery, why can’t you take these chances with people? You can! Diversifying your circle of friends & meaningful relationships is a vital part of adulting.

I have found myself in a rut, complaining of having no positive or motivational friends with goals looking to achieve things – but what was I doing to attain them?? Not a damn thing.

I wasn’t hanging in the places where these types of people hang. And if on a rare occasion I was, I wasn’t mingling. I was so used to being in my own little world without the positivity or like mindedness that I sought after, that I was okay with not interacting; but not okay with the repercussions of having no damn friends. The definition of a contradictory lifestyle.

Here’s the bottom line – Be shameless in the pursuit of what you want and remember:

“Everything in life has a cost, you just have to make sure that the price you’re paying is what you want in return.”


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