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Melania Vanilli and That Damn Speech

23 million television viewers watched Becky with the borrowed speech¬† take the words right out of Michelle Obama’s mouth, literally. The importance and the value of working hard, keeping your word and treating people with respect were a few of the points Melania spat out word for word at the Republic National Convention. Take a look:

When Melania Trump’s ass was asked about her plagiaristic ways, her initial response was:

“I read once over it and that’s all. Because I wrote it and with as little help as possible.”

However, her speech writer apologized and even offered to resign. Donald Trump rejected the resignation and told her that she should learn and grow from the experience because everyone makes innocent mistakes.

Speech writer's Resignation Letter














The internet is furious. Ebony Magazine took to Twitter to speak on the plagiary.










How she just gon’ run off with the Plug’s speech like that?! She could have at least picked up a damn thesaurus? What chu think?

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