Maya Milan- “11:11” EP

Ms. Maya is a great vocalist! This project is a very polished, well thought out, written, produced and engineered body of work. It’s more Pop than R&B but it is rooted in traditional R&B sensibilities. This project is slick and professional through and through I think I love it. Even the graphic work is beautiful. If this project has any down side (which aren’t many really) it would be that I don’t get a connection to the artist. These records could have been given to any number of female artists and they would be hits!! Maya has strong vocals & obviously a seasoned production team crafting records. She will be one of the greatest artists of our time if she can be more willing to give us her. Some songs hint at her preferences here and there but I want to know more about her. Other than that this is triumph!! I’m proud to hear more great music come from Baltimore!!

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