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Malia Obama Gets Caught *yawn* Being a Teenager



Barack Obama’s 18 year old daughter, Malia Obama, was caught at Lollapalooza carrying herself as if she was *gasp* 18.

Perhaps Republican American’s can’t handle seeing a teenager dance at a music festival because Malia skipped the DNC to go. Speculators claim Malia Obama should’ve been witnessing women’s history being made via the speeches Hilary Clinton and her mother delivered at the Democratic National Convention on July 28.

Let me remind you of one of our favorite previous president’s daughters and their reputation:

Is there an unrealistic expectation for 1st Daughters of the United States? Is it racial?

Last time I checked:

Malia Obama is 18 and should be able to enjoy a music festival despite who her father is.

Malia Obama got accepted into Harvard University.

Malia Obama is her own person.

Malia Obama is not the president of the United States.

..let that child live, damn. What chu think?! Comment below.

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