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Ludacris’ “IDGAF” Lyrics Used Against Him In Child Custody Trial


A lawyer read out a verse from Ludacris’ “Dancin Dirty” in court before asking if he would want his daughter to have the same experience with a young man.

While he won primary custody of his one-year old daughter Cai Bella Bridges in a Georgia child custody hearing last week, Ludacris had his own lyrics read out loud to him in court by the mother’s lawyer in an attempt to undermine his character.

The mother of Cai Bella Bridges, Tamika Fuller, sought an increase in her child support in the case, according to CLATL.

During the hearing, Fuller’s lawyer read out a verse from Ludacris’ IDGAF mixtape track “Dancin Dirty” which also features Chris Brown.

“These girls be actin’ shy but you just ain’t afraid to show it,” the laywer read, quoting Luda’s verse, “I got all this money and I’m damn sure fin’ to blow it / Cuz she asked me for a drink and I’m damn sure fin’ to po’ it / I’ma make it strong, she said she like it fruity / In another 30 minutes I’ll be feelin’ on her booty / An hour after that I’ll have her twisted like a cyclone / Legs wrapped around me til she squeeze me like a python / I call that slizzer / We both been gone off that liquor / She let down all her defenses and yes I give her the business / With the quickness / She came to her senses, while I’m tappin’ and snappin’ pictures / Relentless but so persistent now she said it’s just Ludacris’.”

After reading out the verse, the lawyer questioned whether the lyrics alluded to date rape.

“You’re talking about date rape there aren’t you?” she asked.

“No, ma’am,” Ludacris said in response.

“What are you talking about?” the lawyer follows.

“I’m just talking about partying and having fun.”

Later on, the lawyer asked outright, “Would you like for Cai to have this experience with a young man?”

“When Cai becomes an adult, if she wants to have a good time, then that’s her right as an adult,” Ludacris said in response.

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