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Keke Palmer & Trey Songz Music Video BEEF [WATCH]

Celebrity beefs have been PLENTIFUL so far in 2017.

Let's sip, shall we?

Let’s sip, shall we?


So Keke Palmer went AWF on Trey Songz for allegedly using her in his pop up music video for his song called “Pick Up the Phone” ft. Fabolous and MIKExANGEL. Keke is saying that Trey invited her over to his crib where there was ample amounts of food, alcohol, and the Devil’s lettuce – judging by the looks of the music video (unless the were smoking and rolling up actual broccoli). Well, after Ms. Palmer had been at the party for a while, and a tad bit intoxicated, Trey reportedly continued to question and pressure Keke into being a part of the impromptu video that he was shooting at that moment. She allegedly repeatedly told Mr. Songz no, but that didn’t stop her from seeing herself all up in his music video (for all of about 2 scenes). Take a quick look here:

Here’s what Keke had to say about allll of it:

..due to the fact that she was so damn shocked, my assumption is, she wasn’t even compensated for her appearance in the music video. In my humble little opinion, the LEAST you can do if I don’t give you my consent to use me as promo when I actually do have a huge following and fan base – is give me my COIN! Compensation or coin Trey, which one you gon choose??

UPDATE: Keke Palmer has since been removed from the music video. As of now, World Star Hip Hop has taken down the old version and uploaded this version without Keke 13 hours ago – take a look:


Whatchu think about all of this? Is Keke being sensitive? Was Trey being shady? Sound off in the comments down below!🐸☕️

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