Doubted Reasoning

Doubted reasoning: “Solo” Childhood Murderer?

After I watched the “Solo” trailer I’m filled with excitement! The visuals are great, the casting is on point & my imagination is a balze with crazy ideas. However after a few moments I got scared as fuck! Why you ask? because I realized how much I depended on my own imagination to fill the gaps in the “Star Wars” universe. I had my own ideas about what makes Han Solo tick. Where he came from & how he developed into the person he became. I liked that I didn’t know every details about all my favorite characters. Will this make the end of my love for this series? I loved the “Rogue One”, feeling the Star Wars reality widen in my imagination. I hope we get a more well rounded understanding of how the universe works not a shrinking of imagination. Am I losing my favorite character or am I gaining history? Rolling out this particular film is a very serious matter. If it’s done well we will have successfully cemented Star Wars as a viable universe, giving Disney more freedom to take risks with other charaters. If this flops you will see a rapid decay in Star Wars. We Star War’s fans just want to feel the same love for Our universe that Marvel gives to it’s Universe. Also this film is being released in the summer not during Christmas like the last few that have been released. I don’t know why but that scares me as well. I really must be losing my mind. What do ya’ll think?

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