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DJ Certified Finally Drops his “Metahuman Rising” RPG

Our DJ, Personality & Family “DJ Certified” is dropping his second book for public consumption!! His first book is called Fractured Kingdom which was not only a game, but also his first huge artistic endeavor!! Now he’s back with “Metahuman Rising” which he gives details below! Also I’m dropping the links so you can invest in his kickstarter or at least buy the book. Support one our original #vvclife Family!!

For those who do not know. Metahumans Rising is a new table top RPG using the Open Action System, originally designed for Fractured Kingdom. It has been updated and redesigned for super heroic play inspired by classic comic books.

The goal for this Kickstarter is 4,500. So I’m asking everyone to please tell anyone they know who is interested in RPGs about this Kickstarter.

Here is a link to the Kickstarter.

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