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DirecTV Announces New DirecTV NOW Streaming TV Service, Pricing

Last month we told you how DirecTV wanted to put their eggs in the online TV streaming service basket and now they have finally confirmed everyone’s reports.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said today that the new platform named DirecTV Now, will launch in November for $35 a month and will have access to more than 100 channels. These channels include ones from Time Warner, Disney, FOX, NBC and more. Subscribers will be able to stream from their phones, tablets, Smart TV’s, PC’s and other devices.

The price certainly competes with Playstation VUE, which starts at $30 (in non-major markets) and Sling TV, which offers less channels but is priced at $20.

The news comes just days after AT&T just took over Time Warner’s portfolio for $85 billion, officially acquiring HBO, CNN, DC Comics and a whole bunch of other properties. It’s safe to say it’s AT&T’s world and we’re all just living in it at this point.

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