Dear Daughters

(Before I even begin… I wrote this with my generation in mind. Paying close attention to the way many women are raising their daughters; the examples that are being set… The fact that little girls think twerking is a way of life. We don’t pay enough attention. We have to teach better morals and values because we can’t raise promiscuous women.)

Dear Daughters,

I don’t even know where to begin. It’s unfortunate that the way the world will view you, stems directly from our sin. We didn’t know how to lead you. We wanted to be mothers one day, but not so soon; stepping out every chance we get to shake an ass in the club because we thought your father’s lives should’ve changed too. But hell, his didn’t.

Dear Daughters,

We were stupid. Thought that every little ounce of good he did was a silent gesture of love from cupid. He didn’t love you like he should’ve. He was the piece of meat that planted the seed, yet he watched us suffer until we lost our damn minds. We thought we were doing good deeds, giving you what you’d need by placing you in our mama’s arms; the same arms that comforted us when our dumb ass daddies decided to leave… Decided to walk free and not look back.

Dear Daughters,

We’re sorry; for leading you down paths of uncertainty. Because certainly watching us twerk “for the gram” and bust it open “for a real nigga” made you think THIS was how WOMEN were supposed to portray themselves.

Sorry for all the pain we’ve caused you and all the tears you cried that we weren’t there to dry. For all the sleepless nights and all the childish cat fights that we could’ve prevented, but didn’t. We’re Sorry.

Forgive Us.

Dear Daughters,

We beg of you; don’t follow in our footsteps. Don’t let the world teach you, like we’re all prone to do; Just be a better you. Don’t fall into statistics or let the ways of the world guide you. Learn from our mistakes. Let God mend all your heartbreaks and aches. Walk in who you are and be the woman you aspire to be. Please don’t take your lessons from the almighty “Queen Bey”. And daughters….

Know that you are…. Dear……. Daughters!




(True story… I’ve always aspired to be a great example to my daughter (and my son), an author/writer, an entrepreneur/BOSS LADY, and a mentor. I’m not quite where i want to be, but I’m getting there! I haven’t always made the best decisions and I don’t declare I am the world’s greatest mom… but what I know for sure is that my daughter will not have a reason to want to be the next BeyoncĂ©. The moves her mom makes will inspire her to aspire to be the world’s biggest AFRICAN AMERICAN BOSS LADY! So to all the women teaching your daughters how to twerk “for the gram” and encouraging them to make a fool of themselves… You can borrow this in 10 years when you need to apologize. AS FOR ME AND MINE…. TWERKING AIN’T WORKING!!!)

Knashae đź’‹

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