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Daylyt Threatens Tyga Over Drake Twitter Diss


Daylyt issues a warning to Tyga about dissing Drake and threatens to take his chain.

Daylyt is mad and he is mad at Tyga.

The California lyricist recently decided to put out his own video warning Tyga to never negatively communicate about Drake or his camp again.

“Don’t say anything about Drake,” Daylyt said in an angered tone in a video obtained by Vlad TV. “Not one tweet, not nothing or we are going to come touch you bro. We came and took that chain the first time and we can do it again.”

He begins the video talking about his allegiance to Toronto rapper and his OVO movement.

“I just want to make some shit known and make some shit loud and clear and niggas better get my message,” he said. “Tyga, all that shit, just let it go… I don’t wanna see no more tweets, none of that shit my nigga. Like I told ya’ll I’m fucking with Drake. I fuck with the OVO movement. It’s official my nigga so it’s ride or die and I’m riding or dying with OVO. I don’t give a fuck about you from Cali. That shit don’t mean nothing to me bro.”

Tyga recently called Drake a “bitch” on Twitter after he heard an alleged subliminal diss on his If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late album. The tweet was quickly deleted soon after. Late last year Tyga said that Drake was “fake” to him.

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