In this express technology age marketing has become a very involved process of producing videos, flyers and additional content to help promote artists. It’s our goal to find more effective ways to get you, your brand & your products noticed in the market place. Thus we offer a multitude of packages to make your interviews and co op events professional/ active!!

When you interview on VVCRadio or Hot410 you get following with your interview:

1) 7 days of interview & product/ Brand Promotion.
2) Whole Show is recorded & posted online for free download. (You can get a copy of your entire interview)
3) 30 minutes to speak on whatever you want.
4) Professional Flyer to promote interview

Extra’s: if you want to have your interview shot & edited in full 1080 HD video just choose that feature & pay at check out!!

Book Your interview now with your choice of service now, our slots are going fast:

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Book Your Listening/ Product Session With Us

We have great office space that 100’s of people coming through on a weekly basis. Why not use our space to roll out your Brand, product, album or service!! Let our staff setup a beautiful, professional and intimate event that everyone will have a good time in. We include DJ, food, beverages & hunch punch to attract a good crowd so you can get immediate feed back!! We can celebrate your success in a positive and supportive environment!!

What You Get When You Book:

1) 50 Wings
2) 2 Xl Pizza’s
3) 3.5 Gallons of Hunch Punch (Pick two to mix: Vodka, Tequila, Rum, whiskey or cognac) with your choice of punch.
4) 1 case of Water
5) Your Choice of Soda or Juice
6) Live DJ with Sound 3 hours
7) Basic Table Coverings & decorations
8) Our Staff Setups up & breaks down everything!
9) 3 hours of event time. ($100.00 per each extra hour)

Extra’s: Takeover our airwaves too!! Have your party and go live on our station with your own 1 time broadcast for an extra $100.00 Book it now!!

Listening Session