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Baltimore Singles: Dating



What is wrong with the dating scene in Baltimore?

What is dating in Baltimore?

Why is it sooo hard to find genuine love in Baltimore?

How should a man or woman find love in Baltimore?

I need answers!

imageWhy are you single? I know why I am single -I think. I know I have given too much and received very little in return. I am evolving as a human and spiritual being. Lately, I have been so focused on my future and trying to make more money as well as more opportunities for myself and a few others. However, the main reason why I have not taken anyone seriously because no man has shown me that he truly wants to be with me: provide, protect, profess, and progress with me.

No, I do not have it all together and I am no Instagram model but I know who I am and what I am cable of when being concretely committed to a man who admires me and a man who’s determined to grow positively.

Having too many standards/expectations hold back young, black, attractive, professional singles? imageI hear a lot about the men and women in Baltimore through a negative perspective. Unfortunately, some are true but everyone needs a second chance right? Folks have been saying…

Baltimore MEN should:

court more often

be understanding

not live up to social media clout

become independent

become better providers

be actively involved with their kids

Baltimore WOMEN should:

stop fishing for sugar daddies

not go to the club just to find men

wear their own clothing

cook often

Just to name a few. I would love to know what do you guys think -especially if you are a single Baltimorean like myself. What steps have you taken? Where is the love here in Baltimore or is there any hope for the young, black, attractive, professional singles looking for love in their hometown? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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6 Comments on Baltimore Singles: Dating

  1. I also feel like women have unrealistic expectations on normal men & no expectations on the loser street niggas that abuse them. As long as the dick is good you don’t care. But if a nigga has a brain you expect us to be millionaires. That’s why i’d rather sleep with her first to get the pressure off then be a great boyfriend. It fucks their head completely up, then we break up because they think it won’t last forever. (This shit has really happened)

    • Wow, you have a method AND you revealed it! Lol, I completely understand.

      Folks get it misconstrued thinking I want a thug because I’ve dated one. That’s not the case. I’d prefer my man to be a hard working, can fix anything in the house, keeps his truck dirty and nails clean kind of man. Lol. Good ole southern gentlemen. Gentlemen has left this southern state after the civil war. I would love to cook for a man that can bring home the bacon. However, Baltimore men has this idea that that’s asking for too much.

        • Why thank you! Surprisingly there are other beautiful single black women living in Baltimore who are just like me or have the same views as me when it comes to a well balanced relationship. My co-worker for example, she’s the perfect bachelorette with great attributes but dating in Baltimore has become unsuccessful and an ongoing challenge for her as well. The men who claim they have potential to be her man can not seem to step up to the plate (all over thirty).

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