Artist Boot Camp Presented by: JS-1 Tha Supplier

Its getting close to the date. I will not be selling tickets day of. Please buy your tickets now! I’m very excited to present everything I’ve been putting together for you!! If you know me you know I will try and jam 20 years worth of music business into 3 hrs lmao!!! I’ve been fortunate to wear many hats in the entertainment business and do business on many different levels. Join me as I will be breaking down 3 major issues artists need to focus on:

1) Mental Preparation
2) Physical Preparation
3) financial Preparation

This seminar is about preparing artists for the world and preparing artists for the business. I will also be dropping some tips & tricks on how to build your fan base & how to increase sales.

We can only accomadate 20 attendees so cop your tickets now!! April 29, 2018


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