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60 Minutes: The Marijuana Effect

Only one year after marijuana became legal for recreational use in Colorado, 60 Minutes went back to Denver to explore how the culture and commerce has changed since its inception.

They met with Mindful owner Meg Sanders to speak on how her business has catapulted into an industrial grow-op, with business thriving. She has expanded to four stores in Colorado and is still looking to grow even more. She argues that this is a business just like any other and the natives of Colorado keep coming in, thus proving that this is a business they want.

They also interviewed the Marijuana Czar of the state, who meets with every department to make sure this is done in the best way for the people and for the state. He knows at any given time, the federal government can come in and shut it all down, that’s why they spend time on rules and regulations to balance the state law with the health concerns of the people. It’s not easy, but Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper handpicked the Harvard Law graduate for this very reason.

But don’t think the black market has ceased to exist. It’s still alive and well. Police departments have busted several industrial operations that have gone underground to avoid taxes and have found that black market weed is still cheaper than stores.

So how has this legalization affected Colorado as a whole? It’s certainly made millions of dollars in revenue, but the data is still coming as far how it’s affected other aspects of life.

Peep the 60 Minutes episode below:

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