4 Comments on 10 Reasons Women Don’t Submit To Their Men in 2016

  1. 1) Men don’t expect that women should submit to them. It’s just a part of agreeing to a committed relationship.

    2) You can’t use the statement that every man has these traits because that is a complete falsehood.

    3) Women must learn to set standards & keep them. Take responsibility for allowing anyone to treat you less than you allow.

    4) Submitting to someone isn’t slavery, it is giving your trust to someone. If you don’t trust a person why submit?

    5) This is a half ass, immature attempt to garner support from other insecure women who can’t establish & maintain their own self worth. If you want to have a pity party because the big bad man won’t kiss your ass & give you the world with out any provocation then your gonna have a long lonely life!!

    6) Respect, love & Loyalty is earned through action & learned behavior. If you meet a pretty boy spoiled brat whom is take care of by everyone around him then why would you expect him to take care of you?

    • First and foremost, this isn’t to say that ALL men are in these categories. Women don’t necessarily want a man that kisses their ass. This is simply saying that if he possess these qualities, MOST women would be willing to let their defenses/guards down and build a relationship; allowing a man to take all the “manly” roles and responsibilities!

  2. ..I feel this piece here!!! I do enjoy being submissive at times, a lot of times actually, but men do have a lack of knowledge when it comes to actually leading. And then sometimes they just do too much. Understand my submissive/non submissive ratio or BYE !!! lol. #GoodRead..

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