What is a “Date”?

    A Date, as defined in the dictionary, is a social or romantic appointment or engagement. But exactly what is a “date”.

    Let’s go back in time a little bit. Picture this….

 It’s 1975. Shari has been asked on a date by this guy while in the school cafeteria. She tells the fellow “Pick me up Friday at 7. My address is 740 Sister Lane” and walks away with her girls giggling and blushing. Friday rolls around. The young man pulls up to Shari’s house in his father’s 1969 Impala with the drop top, grabs the flowers he’s purchased at the store around the corner, walks up to her door, checks his watch. It’s 6:59pm. He knocks on the door. Shari’s mother opens the door. He responds “Good evening ma’am. How are you? I’m here to pick up Shari for our date.” Her mother replies, “Come on in. She’ll be down in a moment.” Mom walks him into the living room where Shari’s father is seated, smoking his cigar. “You must be John. Have her home by 9.” Dad shakes his hand. Shari enters the room dressed in those high-waisted, bell bottom pants that hug her in all the right places. She grabs her purse, kisses her parents; he hands her the flowers and they walk toward the door. John opens the door and holds it for Shari to walk through first. They continue on to the car, where John opens Shari’s door and makes sure she’s comfortable before he closes the door. He gets in the car and they pull off. John and Shari go to the diner where all the high schoolers hang out. They have great conversation, strawberry milkshakes, burgers, get to know each other more. They enjoy each other’s company and he gets her home at 8:58pm; opens the car door for her, walks her to the door, kisses her cheek, and watches as she struts her stuff into the house. John goes home; eventually, they’re doing this on the regular basis. 




In my eyes, Shari has just experienced a real date. John was the perfect gentleman. He opened doors, took her to a familiar place, made her feel comfortable and protected; even got her home on time and safely.

Today’s society has made it “OK” to consider “Netflix and Chill” a date. WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?! No one seems to know what a real date is anymore. What is a date? It could be something as simple as a walk in a park to get to know one another; or ice cream and conversation. We’re living in a day in age where people assume spending a bunch of money is the only way to date. “Whoever spends the most money is the one worth me dating.” I don’t get it myself! Give me someone who will put together the most simple picnic basket, pick me up, and take me to a nice park for good conversation; I’d be happy as can be.

What is a date to you?


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