VVCLife Magazine/ Radio Guide (AD Space)

We are finally preparing to release our VVCLIFE magazine to promote our shows, music, events, DJ’s & personalities!! We want to inform our fans & new listeners about great artists, companies, services & products that they can enjoy. So this is a perfect opportunity to for you to touch Thousands of new potential customers all over Baltimore with the physical copies & millions worldwide with our digital version. We will be offering discounts on our radio AD’s if you purchase magazine Ad’s.

It’s to be understood that the magazine is meant to be a promotional item to promote the radio station to drive traffic & raise awareness of local artists. Generating income is a huge part of our over all goal, but establishing our presence is the immediate priority. Thus enclosed I am detailing the info necessary to bring clarification on what the magazine is.

Magazine Title: VVCLIFE Lifestyle Magazine/ Radio Guide

Goal: To detail activity from the radio station, advertise shows, provide schedule of shows/ air times, entertain the reader, introduce new artists, events etc.. and talk about music on rotation.

Magazine Size: 5.5x 8.5 How Many Pages: 32

Weight: 80 Cover Artist: Tate Kobang & Local Female Model

Color: Full color glossy

How often will it be released:
Quarterly to keep up with the radio stations season broadcast schedule

Ad Cost:
We have 7 pages total to put Ad’s on So we have broken Ad’s down into different sizes & prices to fit all budgets for small & large businesses.

The Magazine will be 5.5 x 8.5 & will contain 32 pages

1) (101) Full Page Ad’s
2) (102) Half Page Ad’s
3) (103) Quarter Page Ad’s
4) (104) Classified Ad’s
5) (105) Mini AD
6) (105) Fashion Submission AD’s

AD Movies In Review

Every week KO & Mr. Xnc report on everything in the film industry including the top films of the week, industry spotlights, celebrity birthdays & much more. Make sure you check out the podcast every Monday on VVCRadio.com

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