The Unbounded Show

The Unbounded Show: Promise Rings or Nah?

What’s good Unbounded Family?

It’s ya girl Ashleigh, bringing you another #UnboundedMonday recap!

Our girl, Ebony was in the building as we discussed promise rings!

We all collectively agreed that after a certain age promise rings are no longer cute. In high school, it’s like I promise to pick you first before anyone else. As adults, if you’re promising a future, this ain’t no promise ring, it’s an engagement ring bihhhhh!

Promise rings in adulthood scream commitment issues if you ask me and it was a point we agreed on. At some point, you gotta grow up and if you gonna do it, do it hard, but leave that promise ring stuff to the babies.

#Deezy, #ReynSupreme and #Mahad, had some dope points. A lot of ADHD on my end for this show, so g’on ahead and hit that play button! Follow us on social media for all The Unbounded Show news!!

We out this piece!


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