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The Unbounded Show “Health and Wellness”

What’s going on Unbounded Family?!

It’s ya girl Ashleigh, bringing yall another recap of The Unbounded Show.

Monday, our girl April was in the building and blessing us again! We touched on the health and nutrition in the Black community and how it affects not only the physical but the mental as well.

In today’s society, it’s clear that we are able to buy foods that are healthy for us, however, the cost of food makes eating bad convenient. Convenience over quality, simply because there isn’t enough time. A lot of us were raised on “you eat what I cooked or don’t eat at all”. My momma was totally that mama, LAWD! April went on to discuss how that mindset plays a role in her business and why meal prep is so important, “People just don’t have time to do it;” and that’s where she comes in. With weight loss, it’s more than just losing weight or changing your eating habits, it’s a legit lifestyle change.

We also touched on mental health in the Black community, we all agreed that most blacks in our community don’t believe in therapy because mental health “doesn’t affect black people” *eye roll*. Our community would rather the hood doctor and remedies to get over a bad day instead of addressing what it truly could be. Thus the increase in violence and drug use. People in general, don’t know when their coping vices are no longer effective. Projecting their unhappiness and toxic energy to those around them. Everyone is quick to judge, but not willing to look in the mirror or seek the help they need.

A lot of ADHD kicked in and topics ranged from health and nutrition, mental health to JS1 asking if anyone experienced having orange juice pulled over their vag, *side eye*. As always, the show was fun, love and informative.

Have any health and nutrition questions? Are you ready for a change and not sure where? Make sure you hit our girl April and let’s work to get you the WIN you need and want for 2018!

I’ll have the next recap next week, buttt *whispers loudly* download the VVC Radio App and listen in silly!

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