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The Unbounded Show: Does your partner deserve sex if foreplay fails?

What’s good Unbounded Family?

It’s ya girl Ashleigh, bringing you another #UnboundedMonday recap!

Monday was quite interesting and we had fam in the building! Our girl Spaz came through and had a lot of input on our topic for the night – If your sexual partner isn’t aroused after foreplay, do they deserve dick/pussy or nah?

This was kinda interesting, Spaz and Deezy thinks that nibbling on ears, and kissing on the neck should get the pussy started so when they go visit, it’s not the Sahara. Deezy doesn’t wanna spit start the pussy. Spaz thinks something’s wrong and wanna know what pills they on, LMFAO. Reyn, Mahad and myself agree to just eat the pussy, it’ll get wet!

We had some #HennyMoments. Something bout sawgy drawers was said. We got into faking orgasms and Deezy’s girl hit the text, *whispers* Deezy, what happened?! Spaz is with the shits and enticed name drops, and kept giving Reyn the not-so-rapey-but-rapey Mr. Rogers’ shoulder grab. Mahad had us lit, and I enjoyed my first day IN the studio with the crew!

Let me not forget #IDGAFNewz:

Alexis Sky is back to work, but leaving her newborn baby in NICU with strangers while she’s outta state (Sorry. Go give that baby skin to skin. Shoulda picked a better nigga if you can’t be side by side with your preemie in NICU)

50 Cent is petty king. Without words, he shaded the rumored Ross condition, with a picture from the movie Rocky. (Fans made their own interpretation and it rang along the bells of “if he dies, he dies”)

Blac Chyna dating an 18-year-old? Reyn made a very valid point, “her sex is childish. Her sex reflects the caliber of men she’s dated, which have been presented to be childish.” (Rob, this new cat, and Tyga who couldn’t let go of the fact he is GROWN and dated a teen)

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