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Speakeasy Episode 6!

Yo Yo Yo! On October 12th Meccamorphosis will join us on the show to give us her story on how far she’s gone in her spoken word. Please listen to her piece the girl is complete fire. You know that I will be joined by my co host Kev y’all can find him @kev_coolin and I will be also joined by the homie Js1thasupplier y’all can find him at @js1thasupplier and or @vvclife for more info on upcoming events. Tune in tonight at www.VVCRadio.com from 8:00pm to 9:00pm just look for the VVC Player on the right of the home page. Make sure you follow Meccamorphosis on IG @meccamorphosis ok y’all Be Easy.

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