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Speak Easy Poetry Show: Ep5 Mohammed Tall

Speakeasy Poetry Radio will be starting back up on October 5th and we’ll get the ball rolling once again but on this episode of Speakeasy me, Kevin, and Js1thasupplier will be interviewing the Spoken Word Artist Mohammed Tall he is also apart of the Dewmore Baltimore program and making excellent progress. I am glad to have him on the show to give us the backstory on his journey on becoming the artist he is now. To learn more about the program go to http://www.dewmorebmore.org/home/about-us/. So tune in next week from 8pm to 10pm. To hear it live download the app “Tune In” or go to www.VVCRadio.com look for the “VVC Player” button give it a click and just enjoy yourself. Make sure you follow @U4Rixk @kev_coolin and @js1thasupplier I’ll see y’all until then. Be Easy.
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