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Movies That Blog #4: Catwoman



So, before you all ask……….Yes it does. You know it, I know it, She knows it. This is a terrible thing. Written by terrible people, terribly! I didn’t want this to happen, I was happy with “Birds of prey” more than i was with this, and that show was great (in my opinion) since yours doesn’t matter in this blog, its the best opinion.


Budget: $100 Million

Payout: $82.1 Million (money Well Spent…….said nobody Ever!!)


Cat Related “9 Things” Wrong with this flick


– $100 Million dollars to abuse CGI when you have a perfectly hot Halle Berry on set to utilize.

– 1¬†Alex Borstein, yet zero Ms. Swan’s in this feature

-Everyone loved her before she put on the mask (Bane Voice)

– “Law & Order” love Interest

-Patience Phillips

– Internet describes bullshit powers as “an insatiable desire for vengeance and milk.”

– Antagonist powers……Maybe she’s born with it, Maybe it’s “Hedare”

-“I am the night….Meow”

-Laurel Hedare has a Rorschach ¬†“give me back my face” Death scene in the end


Silver Lining:

-……Hold on, im thinking, Im thinking!

– Doesn’t Slander original Catwoman Origin Story

-Gives us “The Old College Try” feel

– No Sequel was made and Cost less to make than “Superman Returns”



1- Meow Mix Jingle Dubstep

10-Clayface Story Gone Wrong





-Birds of Prey Series

-Batman Returns

-The AristoCats



“Scarface Ending Death, but done by Eartha Kitt dressed as the dude with the shotgun”


Meowth….that Right, Im done…..Later





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