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Movies That Blog #7: Deep Blue Sea

deep blue sea








What do you get when you have $60 million dollars and a undying love for the “Street Sharks” cartoon….You get a movie with the Sharks the movie “Jaws” deserved, with the plot that inspired the Movie “Hollow Man”. Come on now, Renny Harlin Directed such movies as [Die Hard 2 & the Long Kiss Goodnight] yet you make LL Cool J a Religious alcoholic chef and has a parrot. This is a Steven Segal Movie they took out back and drowned it at the Aquarium



Budget:  $60 Million


Payout: $164.6 million




Wrong with this movie


“Deepest. Bluest. My hand is like a sharks fin!”


– Chef Lives, Scientist Dies


– Cannibal L. Jackson


-Same director of “The Legend of Hercules” (2014) made this


-The Punisher’s Day Job was Shark


-“Shark just bit my colleague, let’s send her back with their two friends.”



Silver Lining

-Made its budget

– “In a genre where a lot of movies are retreads of the predictable, ‘Deep Blue Sea’ keeps you guessing.” Roger Ebert

– Better than “Sharks in Venice” by miles…..Nautical Miles!




1-10 Scale


1- I liked the Soundtrack


10- Rapper Shoots “THE PUNISHER!”



Deep Blue Sea= 6/10






-Piranha (1978)

-Finding Nemo





All three sharks escape but end up on the set of The Day After tomorrow.


Not so smart now are we sharks!!! Surfs up!!

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