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Movies that Blog #1: Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi


In a galaxy Far far way….Geroge Lucas gets lazy in the 6th of 3 movies in the Star wars movies at the time. Return of the Jedi was rushed like 4th grade science projects tend to be because i’m sure just like kids, Georgey didn’t wanna do it but had to after leaving an opening for one in Empire Strikes back.

Premise: Lets face it, what did we have to look forward too…>Death Star II

-Luke becomes a jedi, finishing the last 20% of jedi training he had left from the last movie.

-Solo gets defrosted by Side chick/Girlfriend Leia

-Emperor gets Speaking role

-Vader Dies (Ha)

-Chewy finds a planet made of 1/6 scale Chewbaccas

-“You Rebel Scum”


All caught up, good now to the parts that sucked:

-Darth Vader gets beat faster than normal

-Luke chops off father’s robotic hand, Kinda a dick move because the first one’s always free but that second one may not be covered by Galactic medical Insurance

-Emperor uses thunder[It’s super effective]

-Incomplete death star can fit milenium falcon but not think to cover core

-guy driving with Lando looks like space phantom of the opera, or is that how they see black people in the galaxy far far (Mississippi) away

-Leia is his sister, and your friend Han’s banging her…on the next Maury


On the Scale:

1. being The word Naboo translating as “The N word” of the galaxy in episode One


10. Being Jar-Jar Binks

this movie fits in at 4 1/2 on the Bracket


Alternate Movie suggestions

-Star wars episode One




I sentence this movies script to be converted into Scott tissue for the fans of this Series to give it the “Royal Treatment”


Thanx for reading……..Another movie that Suxstar_wars_a_21_72


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