• Earlier this week, I told you I would take you down this weight loss journey; using two weight loss supplements advertised on television and online. That very day, I received Apex Vitality’s version of Garcinia Cambodia Plus in the mail. This particular brand sells for $80 on the web; however, for a 2-week trial supply you pay $4.95 shipping and handling.

    I began taking the trial pack two days ago (Tuesday, November 8). Initially, when I weighed in on the scale I was 169lbs. (Yup, I’m not afraid to say it… I’m fat!) As of 8am today (Thursday, November 10) I have lost 3lbs.

    Now, this pill instructs you to drink one cup of water with 2 pills 30-60 minutes before each meal. The object is to suppress your appetite and to prevent fat. Here’s the kicker: Although the bottle sells for $80 online, there are several other brands on the shelves for much less. I went to Walmart and got a Purely Inspired brand of the same substance for only $9.98. Stay Tuned. On Tuesday, November 22, I’ll begin using the Walmart brand. Let’s see what this does!

    • Why is the water so small? Is that all the water your gonna drink?

      • That’s the amount of water required to take the pill. I’ve been drinking 64oz of water a day, but in small intervals so that I don’t waste the bottled waters (I hate water)