• Group logo of Music Submissions

    Anyone who wants to get into rotation must submit there music here so it can reviewed!!! This is also where we choose music for ”Rock it Chop it”

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  • Group logo of Team VVC

    If you love VVCRadio enough that you want to help us spread the word, this group has been created just for that. We will be posting information and things you guys can do to help us grow the station. Thanks in […]

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  • Group logo of Aries Lounge Urban Hang Suite

    This is where all the love making happens! This is the place where all your dreams come true. Here is the home of JS-1 Tha Supplier and his band of renegades who bring love to the world!

    Aries Lounge Radio by VVCRadio.com

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  • Group logo of H.R. (Human Resources)

    Having some issues with a VVCRadio Employee? Having an issue with VVCRadio? Having an issue period? Well don’t just sit there mad!!! Join our group and Drop a Comment below so we can properly address your issues? […]

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  • Group logo of The Ratchet Pill

    All ratchet all the time!!!!!!!!!!’

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  • Group logo of Bam's Boom Room

    This is where we take all music, articles and videos ya’ll want to talk about on air!! Make sure you log on every morning from 10am-2pm only on vvcradio.com!!

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  • Group logo of Erotic Nightcaps

    off air discussions of sex, relationships, and everything that we wanna talk about.

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  • Group logo of Black Comedy Radio

    This will be the home Black Stand Up Radio!!

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  • Group logo of Movies that Sucked....The Group

    Group discussion circled around the audacity of some of the cinematic releases that have plagued the world of film and speak out when we couldn’t when they came out.

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  • Group logo of Smash or Dash

    would you smash or dash

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  • Group logo of JS-1 Photo Album

    This is where I will keep all my photos since we don’t have a photo album for our profiles!!

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