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Letter From JS-1 Tha Supplier: Happy Holidays!!

Hey Family!! We hope you’ve been having a great holiday. We have been taking some much needed time off to relax, rejuvenate, revamp and review 10 years in business. Our journey has been so amazing discovering new talent, people, stories and worlds. We’ve found our purpose and hope we’ve effected your lives as much you have effected ours. 2018 will be an amazing year with multiple changes. We have decided to shrink the size of our staff, open a new studio, revamp our magazine, launch some new products and add new features to our App. Of course we have some great events coming up including our #VVCPlaylistParty & #InternationalSaturdays at V Lounge.

We appreciate you for tuning in, being a guest, helping us grow, creating a show, helping behind the scenes and believing in us! Our journey is about connecting us as a community. Increasing our connection between us. Opening dialogue between creators and consumers. When we connect we can help each other grow! We can recognize our ability to change our circumstances whether its Baltimore City or in China!! No matter where you are in the world we appreciate your continued support and hope you choose to join our 2018 initiative to connect our community!!

Happy Holidays from myself & the staff of Vision Vibe Communications!!

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