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Kanye West is back in the news again.. Surprise, surprise..

Kanye West is back in the news again.. Surprise, surprise..

️..According to close friends and family, Kim Kardashian has been left ‘furious’ by husband Kanye West’s latest meltdown – and thinks it’s time for him to “..grow up, stop having tantrums and be a man”.
The rapper, 39, stormed off stage in Sacramento, California, on Saturday night after just 30 minutes, having first delivered a bizarre rant.
On Sunday, he canned a show at the Los Angeles Forum with just three hours’ notice – and today, it was announced that the 21 remaining concerts left on his Saint Pablo Tour will be canceled.

A close source has stepped forward and told DailyMail.com that Kim is fed up. Here’s what else they had to say about KimYe:

 “They’ve been bickering constantly – she didn’t want Kanye to do the tour in the first place. She wanted him by her side as she recovered from her traumatic robbery in Paris. She lost days with him while he’s touring and then he made a rash decision to end the concert after ten minutes and go on a rant.”

Kim, who was seen boarding a private jet bound for New York without her husband this morning, has spent the past month reassessing her future – with her career at the forefront of her mind. West’s ‘narcissistic’ behavior has proved problematic and friends tell it ALL – she wants him to ‘grow up and be a man’ and be a proper source of support for her.’ ..what are your thoughts ⁉️💅🏽

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  1. There can’t be any truth to this story!! This man is having a break down and she’s concerned about his ability to make Money? That must be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. His music catalogue alone will keep them well off for the 100 years. Not to mention all his other endeavors worth millions. I don’t believe she’s that stupid.

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