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“..I Can’t Rap at 30” – Bow Wow

Bow Wow had the Internet laughing their ass off at his announcement that he’s retiring from rap.

Black Twitter is ruthless – belittling Bow and his relevancy in saying, “..the rap game was done with him years ago.”

Admittingly, Shad’s activity within the rap industry has been minimal; even laughable to some..okay mostđŸ˜©. Folks trynna act like Mr. Moss didn’t win BET’s Viewer’s Choice Award and Rap Single of the Year, (Billboard), in 2001. Aight, okay, I know it was a decade and a half ago butđŸ˜©Â STILL – time doesn’t take away from your accomplishments. Bow Wow is truthfully a rapper, actor and tv host. Over the course of his decade long career in said industry, he has made over $20 million, sold over 10 million records, went gold and even went platinum; yet people still find the need to talk shit. This is a classic example of a life lesson that my grandma taught me:

For whatever reason, there will always be someone to talk down your accomplishments and achievements. Should that stop you from achieving? Hell no. Be studious. Be diligent. Be consistent and be great – and stand by all of it.

I personally find it funny that the 🌍 World finds his formality to be humorous. What chu think?!

..why is everybody so bothered by MY moves?!

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