Fancy Talk: S1 Ep2- Living Your Dream

Mrs. Fancy Wood’s is back with part 2 of her series “Turning Dreams To Realities”!! “Living your dreams” speaks on money management, investment, and changing our minds for success!! Enjoy and give us your opinions!

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2 Comments on Fancy Talk: S1 Ep2- Living Your Dream

  1. I believe if ppl would cut the TV off, their dreams could come true. Reality TV is just something else to keep the black ppl down, and it is definitely working for Baltimore because no matter where I am, ppl are voicing their opinions on what will happen next or what the person on TV should have done. It is irritating to see ppl sell themselves short for TV. Come on ppl what r we teaching our children, they hold the key to our future. Build doctors, lawyers, and judges. Stop giving out negative messages to the world… #stopblackonblackcrime

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