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Dr. Dre is Now On the Loose (PHOTOS)

The sketch of a violent rapist in northeast Atlanta was just released by police. Police want you to show this to your friends and help get this man off the streets.










Andrea LeMusique shares here frustrations with this sketch artist, “Kelly”, in particular:

The thing that is bothering me the most is that this sketch artist “Kelly” has also drawn TI and one other rapper before as the criminal of a violent crime – making a mockery of the victims pain.

So instead of us having a REAL face to be weary of or a real person to look for and get off the streets, we instead have a sketch artist that questions our intelligence to think it’s even possible that yet a THIRD assailant happens to look oddly close to a known portrait of a famous person. As if subliminally our country believes “they all look alike”.

No justice for the victim, no real face to pursue and get off the streets and yet another platform where African-Americans are made a mockery of.

This is reprehensible.

What are your thoughts? Is this sketch artist obsessed with the music industry?! Are they insinuating that all Blacks look alike??

Comment and get the conversation poppin’ below!

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