Doubted Reasoning: Rick Ross Loses Weight WTF?

So I’m a big dude, ya’ll should know this by now. I have always been big. From childhood till now I’ve always had to deal with scrutiny about my size from everyone (Family, friends, chicks, strangers, etc etc..). I could careless about how someone feels about my appearance. We are who we are & I’m not gonna change to look like someone else. People like Notorious BIG, Rick Ross, Heavy D & Big Pun bring diversity & skill to the game that many people brush off as a fluke. I disagree! Big guys have to become better at most things & be more charismatic just to be accepted the same as these useless skinny people. We excel at many things because we are ridiculed for not visually looking as “ascetically appealing” as skinny people. The truth of the matter is we (big people) are better people in general!! So when I saw my dawg Rick Ross working out I was proud!! Get Healthy, I’m all about being healthy!! But after 6 to 8 months, now I’m getting scared. Seriously he doesn’t look good at all!

He looked cool as shit big, now he looks like a HIV patient. I don’t care how expensive the clothes are, I’m not feeling the look!! So I’m suppose to do this now? I get comments almost every week about how he’s losing weight & I should follow suit. Who the fuck made Rick Ross the king of fat niggas? Also Who says that the way he is now is more healthy then when he was big? I don’t think you should get small to be healthy. Thats just my unprofessional opinion. So What do you think about this whole situation? Should Rick Ross stay skinny so he can eat lemon pepper wings more often? Should he gain the weight back? Does he have a mountain of extra tatted skin under those shirts? I’ve been wondering that too. He’s invest a great deal of time, pain & money into those body tats & if he’s gotta get skin cut off what will it look like? EEEeeewwww… Not cool.

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4 Comments on Doubted Reasoning: Rick Ross Loses Weight WTF?

  1. I dont think Rick Ross looks sick he looks fine if I was big I wouldn’t lose weight to look skinny I would I would try to tone myself turn soft into solid make my big look good if that make any sense

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