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Dork Time Radio S3 Ep06 Paul Lubaczewski – I Never Eat… Cheesesteak!

They say life is what happens when you’re making other plans. It is also what happens when you need cash to record a demo, but that isn’t as catchy in a song or a meme. Al was coasting through life without a plan or a clue when he was offered a way to make quick cash without doing anything illegal, mainly because killing vampires is not technically against any laws. If he agrees he jump-starts his musical career, but on the downside, he has to combat the forces of undead evil, including their horrific fashion sense. Will Al survive?

Join host, Sab Grey, as he chats with Paul Lubaczewski about his hilarious and most enjoyable novel I Never Eat Cheesteak, Philadelphia, punk rock and various other things!

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