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Diddy Drops NEW Ciroc Flavor

Diddy stays with something new up his sleeve. This week, it’s


Do you think this is going to taste much different from (already existing) Peach Ciroc?!

Comment ⇣ your taste glands’ thoughts and check out these Quick Ciroc Facts:

  1. Ciroc is a product of France
  2. Distilled 5 times
  3. Mid-ranged bottle ($30 for 750 mL)
  4. Ciroc has been received well during spirits competitions, often beating out premium and ultra premium bottles
  5. Today, Ciroc is the 2nd ultra premium vodka brand in the world

Why Ciroc over everything else, you ask?!

The biggest distinguishing factor between Ciroc and other vodkas in it’s class is the fact that Diddy went out of his way to ensure that his France derived vodka was actually made from grapes rather than grains or potatoes.

What flava you copping today ?!

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